Dear humans,
Your life depends on me, the forest.

We’re connected in ways many of you have only begun to imagine.
I recycle the world’s biggest rivers. I nourish the lands. 

I store more carbon than in all the world’s oil, gas and coal reserves (ancient ancestors of mine).

And if you’re the science and tech type: I am the most effective climate technology on Earth right now…in the “right hands”.

Indigenous folk still remember.
Our lives are inseparable.

Together, we protect 80% of all biodiversity.
All the bird people, cat people, fish, insect, bacteria and plant people that stitch together life.


Forest + Indigenous

Forest + Indigenous = Life

But you know all this.

Question is, how do you actually keep the forest sacred and sound, as if your world depends on it, which it does.

First, find the world’s most precious forests in countries that acknowledge indigenous rights.

Now locate the most organised indigenous societies with millenia old forest knowhow, cool cult-like attire and a modern outlook despite centuries of persecution.

Behold the Arhuaco

Our first indigenous partners in Northern Colombia
Now spend 5 years building mutual trust.

Map out tribal territory, identify sacred spaces, estimate the value of carbon capture and other products (timber) and services (clean water), I give away for free. (silly me)

Then highlight areas encroached by squatters and extractive industries, and calculate the cost to buy it all back.

Now invest (Drumroll) 27 million euros on restoring 27,000 hectares before 2027. (Applause)

Next set-up acoustic sensors and satellite monitoring and alert authorities and George Clooney to unwanted guests. Reach out to the government for guarantees. Together, make a protection plan for generations to come. Structure financial investments (hundreds of millions) to secure the indigenous lands together with the indigenous people. Keep this partnership sacred.

There’s the pitch: You protect me. I protect you. I’m still the forest by the way. Are you in?